Materials, Colour & Interiors consultant living and working in Margate, UK.


We live in a material world.

Materials are the interface that connects us to our built environments.

Whilst often overlooked, the materials used to create our products and interior worlds are integral in shaping our lives. When selected with careful consideration they have the power to improve our experiences, enhance our wellbeing and even shape new narratives that take us beyond the ordinary.



Colour surrounds us.


We experience colour wherever there is light. It sits upon our eyes and informs us of all that we see.


Just like materials, when used sensitively colour can transform and enrich our interior worlds. What’s more, colour is entirely integral to those materials; they are part of the very fabric that binds them.



Interior projects offer spaces for materials and colour to combine and for Jim the types of spaces available to do so are broad. This open approach to interiors has led to residential and commercial undertakings as well as a multitude of informative and impactful installations..