100% Material Atelier

EXHIBITION DESIGN and material curation FOR 100% Design

Leading London design trade show 100% Design approached me to create the main hub space for the Eco, Design and Build section of the show. The brief stipulated that the 100m2 environment house a seminar space and interactive materials displays.


Marrying an industrial aesthetic with utilitarian efficiency the stands and walls of the seminar space were constructed from Dexion metal angle and guard mesh allowing for the materials themselves to shine. The system not only offered speedy popping up and down at the end of the show but also modulated so that multiple levels could be created to accommodate varying materials within the displays as well as creating workbenches and seating.

Seminar space

Seminar space


“Material Atelier was designed to make the space feel like a visitors own workshop, somewhere that they can spend some time to explore, to think and to play.”

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