Olbys Music Rooms

interior design for club venue in margate

It’s safe to say that this popular venue had seen far better days. Years of heavy usage and various attempts to patch or cover issues up had left it needing some fresh ideas and a big injection of energy and creativity.


Whilst the budget was tight, existing elements including the stage area, central bar and sound booth needed a full makeover, whilst the client also wanted to additional seating and a DJ booth. As the home of Margate’s landmark Soul Festival the design needed to be in keeping with the vibe of events that take place there. A recent visit to the Caribbean proved fruitful and with the use of materials such as scaffold boards, OSB and corrugated steel as well as colours associated with beach bars, the space was transformed.  

USE - OLBYS - DJ booth (lit)-min.jpg
USE - Back space-min.JPG